Frequently Asked Questions


Who are you?

My name is Chavelli Tsui, and I am a graphic designer and calligrapher in New York City. You can find out more about me here, follow me on Instagram here, and say hello by email here.


What is the point of all this?

Amidst all the technology and instant gratification we demand today, I love good old fashioned paper, writing and thoughtful communication. As a calligrapher, I love sharing the craft and value of the written word, and aim to make it more accessible to as many people as I can.

Plus, it’s always fun to receive snail mail, and who wouldn’t want to receive a mysterious communiqué in scroll form?!


How long can my message be?

As of now, ravens can carry up to 30 words, or you can upgrade to 50.

For something longer or more specialized I offer custom commissions too.


I need message ideas. Send Help!

Send A Raven in lieu of traditional snail mail, like birthday cards, congratulatory messages, and more! Sexy love notes, hilarious would-be tweets, or a short hello to an old friend. 

I personally love when Send A Raven is used ironically, communicating as you would in today's modern world with defiantly old-world solutions.

Or, use it for a more specific, custom purpose—I’ve helped summon groomsmen, invited people to backyard barbeques, and congratulated folks on life milestones with a charming scroll. Our ravens have also been used to thank job interviewers, and were even used in a Game of Thrones marketing campaign (yes, really!).


I'm not ready to Send a Raven. What do I do?

Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to the The Courier below to stay in the know about new products, sales and offerings!


Tell me about the calligraphy.

Each message is personally hand-written by me using a pen and nib dipped in ink. Currently I offer a style of calligraphy known as Uncial. It is a majuscule script (only capital letters, this was before minuscules/lower-case letters were developed!) that dates back to the 4th century and was used by scribes around Europe and North Africa. 

I chose uncial for Send a Raven due to its clearly historical look and feel. However it still affords legibility and easy comprehension for the contemporary reader.

In the future I might offer Blackletter (aka gothic), Carolingian and Copperplate scripts. Stay tuned!


What materials are used?

Messages are scribed in either walnut ink (brown) or iron gall ink (black), which are both traditional inks that have been used for centuries and are made from walnuts and oak galls respectively. While scribes of the past would have used a quill (made from bird flight feathers) for writing, my tool is a broad-edged steel nib attached to a holder, which is repeatedly dipped in ink the same way. No markers or fountain pen cartridges used here!

I am currently using white Stonehenge paper which features a beautiful deckled edge for that hand-torn, old-world look. 

For the finishing touch, the paper is rolled up into a scroll and sealed with red wax. The design on the seal is a feather, which represents both raven and quill. The sealed scroll is packaged into a small cardboard tube so it won’t get crushed during shipping, er, flight.


How long before my raven is dispatched?

Ravens are dispatched every Friday, carrying message orders from the week and weekend before. Domestic messages will be delivered by USPS First-Class Package Raven which takes approximately 3 days. International Ravens hop aboard USPS First-Class Package International services. 

If you require a rush order, or need to guarantee that your order arrives by a specific date, please contact me directly.